Paper bags – the history of the origin of popular packaging

Every product has a beginning – a story that describes its creation. Paper bags also had to be invented in some way. They did not appear in the store just like that. And while we don’t currently look at paper bags in terms of an exclusive or unique product, and they don’t compare to airplanes […]

Printed paper bags – when is it worth reaching for them?

Printed paper bags are a product that comes in handy in many situations and places. You can wrap corporate gifts, surprises for training participants and thank-you notes for guests. They are characterized by strength and resistance to mechanical damage. See all the possibilities that printed paper bags offer you. Use them to effectively build your […]

Are paper bags eco-friendly?

Ecology has become extremely important not only for buyers, but also for companies that offer packaging. Recycling has become a staple of nature’s efforts, the ecosystem is constantly evolving, cities are going green, and there is no plastic to be found in the seas. We are spending more and more time, money and knowledge to […]