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We produce paper packaging according to individual orders. We also have ready-made boxes in stock. We can print the packaging in Pantone or CMYK colors.

Our paper packaging is environmentally friendly and multifunctional. Each product should be aesthetically packaged and protected for transport. Whether you want to package food products or an elegant gift, our wide range of paper packaging will perfectly meet your needs.

Individual customers are welcome to visit the retail store

NEW – new box color
We have introduced decorative boxes made of cardboard in white champagne color.
The boxes are on permanent sale. We can make multicolor printing on the boxes in CMYK or colors according to Pantone.


offset, before folding the package
printing up to 100% of the surface
Pantone printing or CMYK multicolor printing
minimum quantity: 500 pieces

  Screen printing, printing on finished box
  printing on a limited area
  printing in Pantone system
  minimum quantity: 50 pieces

  digital, printed on finished box
  printing on a limited area
  CMYK photo printing
  minimum quantity: 1 piece


uv varnish, hotstamping – only for offset printing


dyed 280-350 g/m2
white 280-400 g/m2

natural 280-350 g/m2


champagne white, red, blue, black, natural/beige, laminated white, gold, matte white (non-laminated)


for screen printing 50 pieces
for offset printing 500 pieces

        wide. x deep. x H.
       We can make
       also other formats
       and packaging shapes,
       please contact us.

9 x 9 x 34 – box for alcohol
12 x 12 x 7
18 x 18 x 4
35 x 24 x 4 –
shirt box
order boxes
without imprint

18 x 8 x 4
16 x 12.5 x 7
35 x 24 x 7

The above packages are available on a regular basis.
We can also make other packaging formats and shapes.
Please contact – tel. 789 024 254
;   mail

(short form, boxes to be checked)


Retail customers are welcome to visit our store.
See packages:

Instructions for folding decorative boxes.

Introducing paper packaging created with you and the environment in mind. We adhere to the principle that every product should be aesthetically packaged and protected for transport – whether it is food or an elegant gift.

Decorative packaging is available in several colors and formats. We also accept individual orders, where you can realize your own idea for a printed decorative box or eco-friendly packaging with your company’s logo. Want to give someone a gift in a unique box? You’ve come to the right place.

We print using three different methods: digital printing starting at one piece, screen printing where, as with our other products, we accept orders from 50 pieces and offset printing available from 500 pieces. A box made of ecological paper should be owned by every person who both likes fashionable and elegant things and cares about our environment.