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We produce packaging for parcel machines in accordance with the guidelines for the dimensions.

Our boxes allow you to pack your product quickly. We have ready-made shipping boxes in stock. We can make an advertising print on the boxes in one or more colors, including CMYK.
The boxes are stored flat.

Price list for shipping packages


Box 200 x 200 x 70 mm

Box 320 x 220 x 90 mm

Box 320 x 220 x 130 mm

up to 100 pieces

PLN 0.47

PLN 0.62

PLN 0.79

from 101 – 2,000 pieces

PLN 0.44


PLN 0.75

from 2000 pieces

PLN 0.42

PLN 0.55

PLN 0.22

Net prices.

Our shipping boxes require  to be glued together with tape only in one place on the top surface, where the two flaps meet.