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offset before folding the bag
printing up to 100% of the bag surface
Pantone printing or CMYK multicolor printing
minimum quantity: 3000 pieces (economy 5000 pieces)

  Screen printing, printing on the finished bag

  printing on a limited area
  printing in Pantone system
  minimum quantity: 50 pieces

     and   reinforcements

bottom of the bag stiffened with 350g/m2 cardboard (for an additional fee)
double top overlap 50 mm 

     Types      handle

String threaded through the reinforced top tab
handle die-cut in the upper tab

     Material        handle

5mm cotton cord



offset varnish protection


ecological Kraft white or beige120-140 g/m2


for screen printing 50 pieces
for offset printing 3000 pieces (economy 5000 pieces)

      wide. x deep. x H.


     Bag templates

24 x 9 x 3330 x 10 x 40  


We offer Kraftlux paper bags, which combine practicality, high aesthetics of workmanship and are an excellent advertising medium. Anyone who runs his own business, in which this type of packaging will work, will certainly see the numerous advantages of our bags. This is because we focus on simple solutions, which we work on with the utmost care, all in the interest of customer satisfaction.

What type of product do we offer?

Our Kraftlux paper bags are now available in two standard formats. These packages are made from the highest grade of Kraft paper. So it is a guarantee of both reliability and quality. The variety here is that we have bags with two types of handles. These include a die-cut handle in the top tab and a threaded cord. Such handles provide comfort in use, and also give the customer a choice, depending on his preference.

What is the biggest advantage of this type of bag?

Among the advantages of Kraftlux paper bags, we must necessarily point out that printing is possible on these bags. This allows each of our customers to create their own original, individual series of packaging tailored to their business profile. This will also make the bag an effective advertisement.

Recommended economic choice

As for the type of printing, here we can talk about two ways. Screen printing is possible with purchases as low as 50 pieces. On the other hand, if you are interested in offset printing, then here we can talk about a minimum number of 100 pieces. However, in this case we heartily recommend the economy version. By opting for offset printing for 5,000 paper bags, you will gain a significant supply of low-cost advertising.

The product, which is our paper bags, can be purchased today at a very attractive price. So if you decide to buy a significant amount of this product in bulk, first: you don’t compromise your budget, and second: you can reap the benefits of acquiring the bags for a long time.