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Paper bags with a twisted handle are often chosen due to the availability of many formats and colors.
The bags are characterized by a strong construction and high durability. They are made of ecological paper intended for subsequent recycling.

We offer advertising printing on the bags.

We sell wholesale and retail bags without printing.


flexographic before folding the bag
printing up to 100% of the bag surface
Pantone printing or CMYK multicolor printing
minimum quantity: 10000 pieces

 Screen printing or digital printing on the finished bag
 any color imprint

 printing on a limited area
 printing in Pantone or CMYK system
 minimum quantity: 10 pieces

   and reinforcements

possibility to stiffen the bottom with cardboard


twisted string, paper glued inside


kraft paper twisted




Ecological smooth Kraft white or beige 90-110 g/m2
Organic striped Kraft or beige 90-110 g/m2
Eco-friendly striped Kraft in color (print/paper) 90-110 g/m2


for screen printing 50 pieces
for flexographic printing 10,000 pieces 

   wide. x deep. x H.
     Bag templates

13 x 7 x 35*

24 x 11 x 32*

32 x 12 x 41*

40 x 14 x 40

18 x 8 x 22.5*

25 x 11 x 32**

32 x 16 x 38

54 x 14 x 46

18 x 8 x 34*

31 x 12 x 41**

34 x 20 x 36


     * only in white and beige.
     ** available bag colors below




Refl. Blue







(short form, boxes to be checked)

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(CMYK printed bags)

Zamów torby świąteczne
(torby gotowe lub torby z nadrukowanym logo – zainspiruj się naszymi motywami)

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For wholesale purchases, please contact our sales department
See paper bags with twist handle:

Torby papierowe z uchwytem skręcanym

Torba papierowa bordowa 32 x 12 x 41 cm


Torby papierowe z uchwytem skręcanym

Torba papierowa czarna 32 x 12 x 41 cm


Torby papierowe z uchwytem skręcanym

Torba papierowa czerwona 32 x 12 x 41 cm


Torby papierowe z uchwytem skręcanym

Torba papierowa reflex blue 32 x 12 x 41 cm


Torby papierowe z uchwytem skręcanym

Torba papierowa granatowa 32 x 12 x 41 cm


Torby papierowe z uchwytem skręcanym

Torba papierowa granatowa 25 x 11 x 32 cm (Kopia)


Torby papierowe z uchwytem skręcanym

Torba papierowa zielona 32 x 12 x 41 cm


Torby papierowe z uchwytem skręcanym

Torba papierowa biała 40 x 14 x 40 cm


We offer ecological bags made of kraft paper. Care for the natural environment is something that guides us in production. We use ecological materials of the highest quality. In this case, Kraft paper – plain or ribbed.

Paper bags with a twisted handles are available in many formats and colors. In standard – white and brown, but also green or red. They are characterized by high durability and strong construction. We make paper bags with and without print. It is possible to stiffen the bottom of the product with cardboard. Our offer is also addressed to people who need a bag with their company logo.

Paper bags, in this variant, have two types of handle to choose from: twisted lace-up and paper glued from the outside. We make prints using two methods: screen printing for orders from 50 pieces and flexographic printing, which is available from 10,000 pieces. We guarantee that they will work perfectly as shopping bags, but they can also be a great alternative to plastic gift bags.

Paper bags can be purchased without printing. We welcome wholesale customers: https://awih.pl/hurtownia-toreb-i-opakowan/

Printed paper bags are priced on individual request.

Frequently asked questions about twist grip bags.

Questions about the sales department.

The smallest possible quantity is 50 printed and 10 unprinted bags.

The order can be placed by email. for small orders of unprinted bags, purchases can be made through our retail store https://shopbags.pl/

Unprinted bags are usually shipped the same or next day. On the other hand, screen-printed bags are made within 7 – 10 working days. With flexographic printed bags, the lead time is 4 to 6 weeks.

Don’t. As standard, all of our bags have a flat paper handle. We can make bags without a handle but that will be a different kind of bag see

Prices of printed bags are subject to change with each print run. See

Paper wrinkling where the paper holder is pasted is due to production technology. For this type of bag, it is a natural look. See other type bags, with no wrinkling effect.

Questions about the graphics department.

We can screen print only Pantone colors on a paper bag?

Please prepare graphic files based on the information at How to prepare a file for printing

With screen printing, it is not possible to print on the side of the bag, while with flexographic printing we can print the side of the bag.

Yes. Printing on the bottom of the bag is additionally counted when screen printing, while when flexographic printing it is included in the price of printing.

Line Width. ca. 0.2 mm, in counter 0.5 mm.

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