Delivery of goods

  1. AWIH makes deliveries of bags and packaging in the territory of Poland.
    If you intend to purchase with delivery outside of Poland, AWIH asks you to arrange such delivery with the Sales Department.

  2. The lead time for products without labeling usually does not exceed 2 working days. In the event that the completion date is different, the customer is notified of the new date through the forms of communication established with the customer.

  3. The execution of the order takes place after the Customer has made payment, except in the case where the Customer has a deferred payment period.

  4. On public holidays and on days when the company is closed, it is not possible to process orders.

  5. AWIH delivers products through a shipping company of its choice.
    It is possible to pick up the products at the company’s headquarters during the store’s working hours from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.