Is the production of paper bags environmentally friendly?

Nowadays, it is extremely important to live correctly – or more precisely, ecologically in accordance with nature. We pay attention to many details, for example, the number of nets created from plastic that are used during daily shopping. We are careful about what products we choose and control the carbon footprint. The environment you live […]

Printed paper bags – when is it worth reaching for them?

Printed paper bags are a product that comes in handy in many situations and places. You can wrap corporate gifts, surprises for training participants and thank-you notes for guests. They are characterized by strength and resistance to mechanical damage. See all the possibilities that printed paper bags offer you. Use them to effectively build your […]

The best advertising? Paper bags only!

When we run our business, we want our brand to become recognizable. Of course, the extremely important issue of scale enters here. This is because it all depends on how much coverage our company has. However, whether we operate in a small, local market or have managed to sail into wide waters, one thing is […]