Wholesale bags and packaging

As a manufacturer of promotional bags and packaging, we also wholesale unprinted bags and packaging.
We also have ready-made Christmas printed bags and packaging.

Feel free to contact us:

  tel. 789 022 109
  tel. 789 022 807
  tel. 789 024 254
  email: biuro@awih.com.pl

 Available  bag formats
with a flat handle
wide. x head. x H.

18 x 8.5 x 23

26 x 16.5 x 33

35 x 17 x 24

22 x 11 x 31

32 x 16 x 40

25 x 17 x 33

32 x 22 x 25


 Available  bag formats
with twist grip
wide. x deep. x H.

13 x 7 x 35*

24 x 11 x 32*

32 x 12 x 41*

40 x 14 x 40

18 x 8 x 22.5*

25 x 11 x 32**

32 x 16 x 38

54 x 14 x 46

18 x 8 x 34*

31 x 12 x 41**

34 x 20 x 36


We have in stock:

– Exclusive advertising bags in dozens of formats and several colors see

– Paper packaging / boxes see

– Cheap shipping packages for parcel machines see


Wholesale paper bags and wholesale packaging are extraordinary places that we create with you and your company’s needs in mind, but also with concern for the environment. Our bags and packaging are made of high-quality, eco-friendly materials.

Paper bags wholesale, paper bags wholesale, packaging wholesale – three different options to choose from where you can place your order. With us you don’t have to choose, we offer a full range: from bags to packaging. With us, you save time and money.

Wholesale paper bags Warsaw is where we especially operate. In the Warsaw area, we use our own transportation for delivery, which contributes to lower costs.

We have a large inventory, so we will usually pack and ship the products you order the same or next day. What’s more, we provide delivery throughout Europe.
As a manufacturer of bags and packaging, we can also make such advertising prints as you wish.
In topics such as paper bags wholesale or paper bags wholesale, we feel we are specialists.

Retail store

You are welcome to purchase small quantities of bags and packaging from our store https://awih.pl/sklep

tel. 789 024 254

In our retail store you will find both paper bags and boxes. Our products are made with you and your needs in mind, but also with the environment in mind. Looking for an eco bag? With us you are sure to find it.
Classic white paper bags and brown paper bags are available in our retail store. You can also find bags in other colors and cotton bags.
The bags are perfect as wine bags, gift bags, catering bags or catering bags. Thanks to the high quality of materials, they can handle even heavy loads. A4 paper bags and many other formats are waiting for you in our store.

In our offer you will also find packaging. They will work perfectly as a gift box or shirt box. When producing them, we focus on functionality and usability for many years.

Sales in the retail store are available from one piece, in addition, as manufacturers of bags and packaging, we can make an advertising print on the product especially for you. We also sell on Allegro. Allegro paper bags, allegro packaging, allegro boxes are issues that we are no stranger to. On the contrary, we consider ourselves experts in this field.

We offer attractive delivery prices, so don’t wait and take advantage of our retail store’s offer now.