Paper bag as an eco product. Application, production .

Paper eco-bag is a common
and practical gadget to express public support for environmental protection efforts. This product is perfectly in line with the trend of being “eco”, but this is just one of the many qualities it has in store.

Ecology matters

In recent years there has been a marked increase in public awareness of environmental protection. According to the study, the environmental aspect is increasingly important in consumer choices. More than half of Poles use paper bags when shopping (report “Consumers and the closed-loop economy”, prepared in 2019 by ARC Market and Opinion and the Responsible Business Forum).
Consumers’ growing awareness of the environmental impact of both producers’ actions and their own choices is not going unanswered by companies guided by the principle of responsible business.

Ecological paper bags
You can put a gift or vegetables in the bag.

Rich offer good for everyone

AWIH has a wide range of paper bags: with flat handle, twist handle, machine bags with cotton handle, laminated, and fabric bags – cotton and polypropylene. The diversified offer allows the product to be aptly matched to the most specific needs of the customer and to the industry in which it operates. Also important is the business context in which the bags are to be used and their anticipated contents. One type of bag will work better for events such as trade shows and conferences, while another will work better for retail outlets or catering establishments. Without a doubt, every customer will find the right product for them at AWIH.

Buying an eco-bag is a choice of a functional, high-quality product that is an effective form of promotion, and – extremely important – made consciously, with concern for the environment and future generations. It is through such choices that producers and consumers can work together to build a better future and a safer and healthier space in which to live and operate.

Eco-friendly paper bags
Various uses of paper bags.

Leading brands are increasingly reducing their use of plastics, opting for eco-friendly solutions – using paper or fabric packaging, doing away with plastic additives, making changes right at the production stage.

With advertising on the shoulder

One of the symbols of this growing awareness and also a common product in use is the eco-friendly paper bag. It combines a number of advantages – environmental safety, durability – in the case of paper bags, a carrying capacity of up to 15 kg, and – which makes more sense than disposables – personalization. The appearance of such a bag can emphasize the personality of the owner, for example, with an appropriate imprint in the form of a slogan or graphic, or his attachment to a particular brand or organization – through a visible logo or other distinctive element of the company’s visual identity.

So it is worth emphasizing that natural manufacturing does not come at the expense of product appeal. AWIH offers not only printing on bags, their different sizes or colors – it is also possible to realize according to a previously agreed design with the customer. Thus, a paper bag can be an excellent carrier of advertising slogans and an interesting element of an outdoor campaign – one of the oldest forms of promotion, based on visual presentation of content and high frequency of contact of the recipient with the advertisement.

Eco-friendly paper bag
Eco-friendly paper bag

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