Catering bags / sushi bags

We offer bags in the following formats:

26x16x33, 32x22x25, 32x16x40, 35x17x24 cm

Minimum sales unit: 1 carton
We can make an imprint on the bags.

Bags of 26 x 16 x 33 cm are included in the promotion. If an imprint is made, the imprint is calculated with a 50% discount.

Sample price for 500 bags printed in one color on one side: PLN 0.59 net

Feel free to contact tel: 789 022 109 or email:

Multicolor printed catering bags/CMYK.

We print the bags with the customer’s individual graphics (logo, name, address, etc.).
Below is a price list of catering bags for low-volume production.
For higher volumes, please inquire.

Torby cateringowe z nadrukiem

Beige catering bags
with a flat paper holder

  • multi-color/CMYK imprint included in the price of the bag
    (imprint up to A5 format, imprint on 1 side of the bag)
  • strong Kraft paper, 80-90 gram/m2
  • sturdy handle, five-fold
  • bag ideal for carrying catering sets

Bag format
wide. x bottom x height.

Price includes: bag with multicolor printing (printing up to A5 printing area, without applique)

100 -200 pcs.

up to 500 pcs.

up to 1000 pcs.

up to 2,000 pcs.

up to 3,000 pcs.

up to 5000 pcs.


PLN 1.01

PLN 0.96

PLN 0.91

PLN 0.89

PLN 0.87

PLN 0.85


PLN 1.05

PLN 1.00

PLN 0.95

PLN 0.93

PLN 0.91

PLN 0.89


PLN 1.14

PLN 1.11

PLN 1.06

PLN 1.04

PLN 1.02

PLN 0.96


PLN 1.01

PLN 0.96

PLN 0.91

PLN 0.89

PLN 0.87

PLN 0.85

Net prices. Please add to the above prices the cost of prepress in the amount of 70 PLN net.
We reserve the acceptance of the order for execution depending on the submitted graphics.

Feel free to contact tel: 789 024 254 or email:

We also offer bags in white. For larger runs, we can make a bag with printing on the entire surface of the bag. It is possible to print the bags in one or more colors.

torby cateringowe beżowe i białe