Cotton bags for painting

Cotton bags for painting.

Sometimes you just need to spend a few hours and find interesting inspiration to turn an ordinary cotton bag into something amazing – unprecedented. That’s what’s coolest about this reusable product; you can modify and customize it any way you want. With a cotton bag you can easily express yourself. Choose your favorite colors, patterns or quotes, and we’ll tell you how to transfer them to your purchased bag. If you are wondering what to paint a cotton bag with then this article is for you.

Where to find inspiration for a unique cotton bag?

But before you get down to business, you need to know how to find inspiration. Your bag shouldn’t have just anything on it. Since this item, or more precisely the painting on it, is supposed to reflect your soul, it must be unique. Sit down and think about the theme – decide whether the bag will be decorated with a cartoon character or maybe a favorite quote from a book? You can literally draw anything on the cotton bag; from your TV favorite to the attributes of the comic book characters you happen to be reading. Some artists are sharing photos online of cotton bags filled to the brim with drawings – perhaps this is the solution for you?

Cotton bag pens.

Cheap cotton bag painting – use fabric paints

Fabric paint is a product that is often seen and even more often used. You can play with it for hours, because one pack of paint is extremely efficient, and costs only 2-3 zlotys (of course, it all depends on the company you choose). For the very beginning, you don’t need to buy 10 or 15 different colors – just buy a few and mix them freely to get non-uniform colors. Such a solution will allow you to significantly reduce the cost of painting. In practice, one box of paint is enough to paint really many patterns. Paints will work better than pens when you use stamps while painting.

Painting a cotton bag – the most important advice

Patterns prepared, paints purchased now you just need to know how to paint the bag so you don’t make any mistake that will lead to damage. It only takes a moment’s inattention for the paint to show through to the other side, and your design is unsightly. If you follow our rules, you will certainly get the result you want. Create an amazing cotton bag – one that no one else will have.

Remember that the drawing can pierce

Before starting art work, take care to properly protect not only the tables or floor (depending on where the painting will take place), but also to properly secure the other side of the cotton bag so that the paint does not leave unwanted marks. For this you can use cardboard pads, scraps of cardboard or a regular technical blog available at any stationery store.

Painting cotton bags.

Cotton bag – what to paint it with?

This is where the most fun begins. There are several options for painting a cotton bag – you can use special paints, markers, inks. The market is full of accessories for those interested in the so-called “new”. Customization of clothing and material accessories. Huge popularity is enjoyed by katanas with hand-painted ornaments and shoes with favorite cartoon characters. That’s why various companies are releasing newer and newer products for painting on the material. Find out which solution will be most beneficial for you.

Fabric pens

The pens are even available at the popular furniture store, Ikea, so it’s safe to say that they are extremely easy to find. It is not necessary to order them from specialized stores, although it is known not from today that in such places you are sure to get a more professional product. The pens were created to paint on clothes, shoes, bags and other material objects in an efficient way. The average price of this product is about 20 zlotys. Simply iron the design so that the marker won’t wash off in the wash. Importantly, they do not dye, so you can safely carry your painted cotton bag in the rain and not worry about your clothes getting new colors.

Cotton bag ready for painting.

Sketching, the way to go for any design

You don’t have to paint your bag by looking at the inspiration – after all, you can sketch it on your cotton bag with a pencil. This is a solution that will save you time and, above all, nerves, because you will not go outside the lines with paint. A carbon paper will also come in handy for this purpose!

Final protection of the painted cotton bag

You probably know that the bag should be washed to keep it clean and fragrant. Only, how to do it properly if fabric paints have been previously applied to it? All you need to do is prepare an iron and any scrap of fabric – you should put it on the painted part and iron it a few times. Such protection is a guarantee that the paint will not magically disappear immediately after contact with water. Just remember to wait 24 hours. This will allow your paint to dry well.

Cotton bag pens.
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